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    Power of Touch Massage is combining different techniques from the eastern and western world.
    It's a mix of deep tissue, trigger point therapy, holistic massage, joint-release, yoga stretching and myofascial release by the Fluid Touch; 

    What is Myofascial release by the Fluid Touch?:

    The fascia is a three dimensional web of tough connective tissue that permeates every corner of our body, from head to toe. 
    This tissue surrounds and infuses every muscle, bone, nerve, blood vessel and organ, all the way down to the cellular level. 
    Myofascial simply refers to the fascial system and how it relates to skeletal muscle, 
    ‘myo’ meaning muscle and ‘fascial’ connective tissue.

    The human body is composed of liquid; 80% of your body is liquid. It is in constant motion, as if all the organs and the spine 
    are floating in a waterbed. The technique of “Fluid Touch” is a dynamic process of changing speed and pressure, and playing 
    with tightening and letting go. Squeeze, release, wave, movements and various other techniques improve the fluidity of the body. 
    Everything flows and water is the primary conductor, which allows energy to vibrate and expand everywhere.

    Power of Touch Mobile Massage comes to your house to re-balance you. 

    re-balance massage: a 90 minute full body rebalancing massage 
    full body massage: a 60 minute full body massage 
    back massage: a 35 minute back massage




  • Power of Touch Home Massage:
    90 minute full body re-balance massage125 euro
    60 minute full body massage 85 euro
    35 minutes back massage 50 euro