Why Power of Touch Massage?
    Power of Touch Massage brings back your energy flow.

    Why Marcella?
    I have travelled to India and Ibiza to follow a massage training at the Alchemy of Touch Massage Academy,
    ever since I am passionated about giving my power to re-balance yourself.
    I'm massaging in the Soho House, besides this I'm working for dr. Dot, massaging bands on location,
    and once per week you'll find me in a different office to release the tensed muscles of the employees.

    I'm continually updating my massage skills with workshops and courses,
    like Thai Table Massage, Triggerpoint Release and Hot Stone Massage.

    Why Now?
    Even if you don't feel pain, your muscles need stretching and your body needs to keep in flow,

    Marcella's references:
    Die Hauptstadt Masseure Berlin
    Fingerspitzengefühl GmbH 
    Ritz Carlton Hotel Berlin
    Schokofabrik Berlin
    Soho House Berlin
    de Gruyter Berlin
    dr. Dot

    Bookings from August 1, in Amsterdam, send me an email: email@poweroftouchmassage.amsterdam

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    Marcella Wijnhoff